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A minimal alpine base image with s6-overlay and consul.
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A minimal alpine base image with s6-overlay and consul.


This image is intended as a base image for hosting consul. This image builds on leisurelink/alpine-base in order to launch and host a consul agent. Unlike progrium/consul, which we have used in production for well over a year, this image is not operator controlled via the command line, rather, appropriate configuration files must be mounted into the container in order to control consul's behavior.

Derived images can run in agent or server mode with an appropriate configuration.


To specialize this image, place configuration files in /etc/consul.d.

This container tries to discover a consul cluster from the environment. It does so by querying dns for consul.service.consul, and failing that, uses getent hosts consul-agent to discover a linked container. Failure to provide an environment where the container can discover consul will result in the following alert:

ERROR: Unable to discover the consul cluster; tried CONSUL_SERVICE_NAME=consul.service.consul and CONSUL_HOST_NAME=consul-agent.
       Either specify DNS service name in CONSUL_SERVICE_NAME,
       or the name of a linked consul container in CONSUL_HOST_NAME.

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  • 1.0.0 (Alpine 3.2, S6 Overlay v1.17.1.1, Consul v0.6.3)
  • 1.0.1 (Alpine 3.3, S6 Overlay v1.17.2.0, Consul v0.6.4)



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