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A docker image for running nodejs applications in an ubuntu based container.
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A docker image for running nodejs applications in an ubuntu based container.

What's in the box

ubuntu-node-runtime is intended as a runtime environment for nodejs applications. Its purpose is to run a nodejs application that has already been built, probably via npm install. We build ours with leisurelink/ubuntu-node-build-machine.


To use this docker image, simply copy your application's root folder to /opt/app. You can do so in a Dockerfile like so (this one assumes the Dockerfile is in your application's root):

FROM leisurelink/ubuntu-node-runtime:latest
MAINTAINER You <email@waat.eva>

COPY . /opt/app

You can also try it out by using docker run's --volume option (assumes current directory is your application's root):

docker run --volume `pwd`:/opt/app leisurelink/ubuntu-node-runtime


ubuntu-node-runtime relies on npm's ability to run scripts. The run script is purposely kept simple; it changes the working directory to that of the application, changes the current user to node and calls npm start.

In order to run your application inside with this docker image your package.json file must declare a start script. Most of the time a script like the following will work:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "node app.js",

Of course you can use a more sophisticated script if necessary.

ubuntu-node-runtime expects your application to be available inside of the container at the directory path /opt/app. If you choose to change the location of the application, specify the new location in the environment variable NODE_SERVICE_ROOT.

Tags - Asset Versions

  • latest, 1.0.0 (Ubuntu:14.04, nodejs 4.2.4)
  • node-0.12.7 (Ubuntu:14.04, nodejs 0.12.7)



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