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Webvirtmgr Dockerfile

This repository contains Dockerfile of Webvirtmgr.


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Pull the image from Docker Hub

$ docker pull lemonlatte/docker-webvirtmgr


$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 lemonlatte/docker-webvirtmgr

It may takes 2 or 3 seconds for setting up Django database.

Mount a Volume

You need to add a directory with its owner id "33".

mkdir /path/to/our/volume:/var/local/webvirtmgr
chown 33 /path/to/our/volume:/var/local/webvirtmgr

Then, you can mount this folder into your container.

$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -v /path/to/our/volume:/var/local/webvirtmgr lemonlatte/docker-webvirtmgr
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Comments (7)
a year ago

What userid and password for webvirtmgr
I tried with default admin/admin but it wont work.

2 years ago

VNC issue. I managed to get vnc consol running from this docker container. At least for me it was NOT an upstream issue.
docker exec -it my-webvirrtmgr-container-id bash
1) uncomment the lines in supervisord related to the webvirtmgr-novnc (vi /etc/supervisor/conf.d/webvirtmgr.conf)
2) apt-get install websockify
3) exit container
4) docker stop my-webvirrtmgr-container-id
5) docker start my-webvirrtmgr-container-id

It will now work for VNC connections open to the world but still will not work if VNC consol is set for localhost only. In install that I did by following the install instructions on the webvirtmgr wiki the console work even for localhost only connections.

2 years ago

Monkeypig: you can use the docker exec command to run a command inside a container. For example if you ran ta docker image and did "docker ps" to show the running containers you will see that the container has a ID and a name (either specified on when you did the docker run or picked at random). You can then do

docker exec -it my_container bash

to get a bash prompt where you can look around (warning not all containers have bash. often the container is built from busybox or some other minimal install) Form here you should be able to run the saslpasswd2 command but remember that containers are disposable and if you want the "commit" the changes you do inside a container you will have to commit the container to new image and then run you future containers from that image

2 years ago

HI @monkeypig about VNC problem go to github of webvirtmgr. This is not docker problem.
Early i start wenvirtmgr from sources and see this error too.

3 years ago

Hi, thanks for your reply. I realised about saslpasswd2 immediately after sending my post... It had been a long day!

I am working now with the exception of the VNC console which reports Server disconnected (code: 1006). However using another VNC client to the port reported in the XML works fine. Any ideas?

Thanks again

3 years ago

@monkeypig: Do you mean the user for log in to webvirtmgr? The default user/password is admin/1234 which is hard-coded in

And you also need to set up an user for log in to libvirtd through TCP using saslpasswd2. You have to add the user in libvirtd host rather than the container.

The guild is here:

3 years ago

Hi! I'm new to Docker, just wondering how to get a user/password configured in the container. I understand I have to run saslpasswd2 within the container but I don't know how. Could you point me the right way? Thanks