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Short Description
PHP5-FPM container for running isolated PHP applications.
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Docker container automated PHP-FPM installation.


This container is on the Docker Hub so you do not need to clone this repo
to use it unless you'd like to build a new container based on this one.

To run the container you could simply execute:

docker run leoditommaso/php-fpm

Anyway, that will be useless because you will have a PHP-FPM running with
no application configured and with no connection to a webserver. So, the
best way to run the container is:

docker run -d -v /PATH/TO/LOGDIR:/var/log/phpfpm -v /PATH/TO/SOCKETDIR:/var/run/phpfpm -v /PATH/TO/APPDIR:/opt/applications leoditommaso/php-fpm:latest


  • /PATH/TO/LOGDIR: is the full path to a local folder on the host machine
    where logs will be stored.
  • /PATH/TO/SOCKETDIR: is the full path to a local folder on the host machine
    where the socket will be placed. With this you could then configure an Nginx
    virtual host and set it to read from this socket. The socket will be named
    after the application (www_php5-fpm.sock by default).
  • /PATH/TO/APPDIR: is the full path to a local folder on the host machine where
    the website public files are stored.


If you need to customize some setting you should clone this repo, change the appropiate
file and then build the container. It's important to know the meaning of each file then:

  • Dockerfile: this is the docker configuration file to build the container from. Take a
    look at the comments on the file for an explanation of each line meaning.
  • supervisord.conf: the configuration file for supervisord. It tells the daemon to start
  • www.conf: this is PHP-FPM pool configuration file. You could introduce any configuration
    you need but keep pool_name, app_user and app_group the way they are
    'cause those strings are replaced with the appropiate values in the Dockerfile.

After making any customization you need execute:

docker build -t newcontainername .

License and Authors

This project is released under MIT License.

Author:: Leandro Di Tommaso

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