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An image of a PostgreSQL standby server for the Docker workshop
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PostgreSQL standby image

This is a Docker image for a replication PostgreSQL hot standby

Before starting PostgreSQL for the first time, this image create a
physical backup of the master's data directory using pg_basebackup,
and then start the PostgreSQL standby instance.

If is needed, you can specify a replication slot for the standby to


You need a MASTER_CONNSTRING environment variable to specify a
connection string for the standby to reach the master. To make the
master reachable from the standby, you can use names and Docker
networks, or use links with the Docker bridge network.

You can pass a REPSLOT environment variable to specify a physical
replication slot on the master for the standby to use.

How to use this image

Let's suppose you have started a PostgreSQL master server using the
leonardoce/workshop-pg-master image, named workshop-master. If you
want to start a standby container, you can simply use this command:

$ docker run -d \
    --name workshop-standby \
    --link workshop-master:master \
    -e "MASTER_CONNSTRING=host=master user=postgres" \
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