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This image sets up Activiti on Tomcat with a default Postgresql database.
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Quick Start

  1. Pull the image: docker pull lesongjia/activiti-postgresql
  2. Run the image:

    docker run --name='activiti' -it -d -p 8080:8080 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/run/docker.sock -v $(which docker):/bin/docker lesongjia/activiti-postgresql

You can also using TOMCAT_ADMIN_USER, TOMCAT_ADMIN_PASSWORD, TOMCAT_SERVER_PORT to customize your tomcat server configuration. e.g.,

docker run --name='activiti' -it -d -p 8080:9000 -e TOMCAT_SERVER_PORT=9000 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/run/docker.sock -v $(which docker):/bin/docker lesongjia/activiti-postgresql

System Configuration

  1. Login to Tomcat server at port 8080 with user id(admin) and password(admin).
  2. Login to Activiti explorer at 8080/activiti-explorer with user id(kermit) and password(kermit).
  3. Access Activiti rest api at 8080/activiti-rest with Auth user id(kermit) and password(kermit).
  4. Postgresql will be spin up in a different docker container named "postgres-activiti" at port 5432 with default setup.
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