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Docker monitoring web application to manipulate containers and images
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Blueprint web application for my bigger idea to make docker based systems more manageable. This is a standalone solution
to manage few docker hosts and do some regular tasks on containers and images.

Table of Contents

Enable remote access to a Docker daemon
Run as docker container
Beta screenshots
Development roadmap

Enable remote access to a Docker daemon

To manage your docker host(s) with dockermon please please add the following parameters to your Docker daemon launcher:

 $ docker -d -H= -api-enable-cors

or edit your /etc/default/docker file:

DOCKER_OPTS='-H tcp:// -api-enable-cors'

A more recommended approach:

DOCKER_OPTS="--dns --dns -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock -api-enable-cors"

then issue the following command to activate changes:

service docker restart

Run as docker container

Dockermon is released as an nginx backed docker image to make it easier to use. The image is auto updated by every push with the latest tag, the versioning will be added
after the first official releaseing

get the image

docker pull lexandro/dockermon

start the image

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name dockermon lexandro/dockermon

Beta screenshots

These screenshots are not representing the final version!

List of docker hosts

Host details

List of docker host containers

Docker container details

List of docker host images

Docker image details

Development roadmap

Here's the list of active, scheduled, planned and finished development goals

Under development


  • Add: containers: command popover to show the whole command
  • Add: tag list to the image details
  • Fix: show image name in the image details

Roadmap /by priority/


  • Add: list active containers related to the image in image details


  • Add: image pulling to the image list view


  • Add: link containers in Create


  • Add: add search for container diff


  • Add: helper links to the known fields/information pieces to help understand


  • Add: exit code filter to container list view
  • Add: status filter to container list view


  • Add: login into the docker hub and/or private repo(s)


  • Fix: redesign host information page...drastically++ :)


  • Add: download file link to containers/container details/diff listing items


  • Add: also add tooltips to these items on all views


  • Fix: make it more responsive


  • Add: option to show containers logs as formatted/raw
  • Fix: TTY terminal doubling characters in some cases.


  • Add: set refresh interval on container listing
  • Fix: Adding new host sometimes causing index by errors.


  • Add: show containerdetails/ cpu/network datastream as diagram/graph or stg. else


  • Add: paging of containers
  • Add: select all/select page on containers


  • Add: paging of images
  • Add: select all/select page on images


  • Add: export/import hosts list

Not scheduled

  • Help
  • docker image with version check in the webapp
  • Add copyright when released or published (xterm.js, json-formatter)

Far future, not decided yet

  • Customize fields in lists (show,noshow)
  • Better error handling for create container. Much better.
  • Presets for create container page
  • Make features docker host remote api version aware. Hide non-existing functions
  • Redesign layout from top menu to side menu
  • Add repeated pinging to containers (the list and per container)
  • Detect fig/compose naming pattern
  • Grep colored logs on container with pluggable patterns
  • Multiple container log tailing with one click/window
  • Ping open ports for spring actuator endpoints (health, ping, info, etc...) Risky...
  • Ping open ports for swagger endpoint (/api_docs)
  • Swarm support
  • compose yml support
  • Add: list last n items to container list view
  • Add: list since filter to container list view
  • Add: list before filter to container list view



  • Add: log view to containers/container details/diff listing


  • Add: go first, go last to containers/container details/diff listing


  • Add: TTY view to containers/container details/tty listing


  • Add: container details diff view: refresh button
  • Fix: finish container details page TBD items
  • Fix: make containers/container details head smaller
  • Fix: Don't call top when container is stopped
  • not fixed: Don't cut down first character on displayed container name when the first char differ from '/' - replaced with Full name feature.


  • Add: "Please wait..." view/anim for time consuming operations (container size, diff, ps, etc...)
  • Fix: default connection issue (two green buttons on hosts view)
  • Fix: image details view error with root images/no port exposed images because of a missing property


  • Add: start/stop/pause/kill/etc.. button to container list view to manage containers
  • Fix: select all containers, not selected all containers properly.


  • Add: start/stop/pause/kill/etc.. button to container details view to manage a container
  • Add: group containers by their state [running, paused, stopped]
  • Fix: loading process always displayed on stopped containers
  • Fix: no previuously loaded top data shown for just stopped containers on the containersdetails page


  • Add: containerdetails/volumes


  • Rescheduled


  • Add: rename container to container list view - Remote api version dependent feature
  • Add: release automatically in docker image format
  • Fix: display port assignments [exposed image without public, exposed with -P, exposed with -p, portless image with -P, portless image with -p]
  • Fix: image non-port exposure issue at: http://localhost:63342/dockermon/app/imageDetails/imageDetails.js:23:63


  • Rescheduled


  • Add: create container page - basic
  • Fix: use image ID in container list link, because the 'namespace/repo:tag' is forwarding to wrong place
  • Fix: select all in containers can't be change (it' all or nothing)


  • Add: image deletion to the image list view
  • Add: create container: name format check


  • Add: sort by table header fields in containers list
  • Add: sort by table header fields in images list


  • Add: filter by table header fields in containers list
  • Add: filter by table header fields in images list


  • Add: container details/volumes-from (get volume from other containers)
  • Add: privileged containers should show warning color in details or maybe in the lists too
  • Add: display privileged container on container details page
  • Add: mark privileged containers on container list page
  • Add: Show environment variables on container details page
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