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TACACS+ server
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TACACS+ Docker Image


This image is a built version of tac_plus, a TACACS+ implementation written by Marc Huber.


latest, ubuntu, ubuntu-201710201114 - Latest version based on Ubuntu 16.04.

alpine, alpine-201710201114 - Latest version based on Alpine 3.6.


Docker engine 17.06+ is required to build this image because it uses a multi-stage build.
To build run: docker build -t tac_plus ..


To run with the default configuration:

docker run --name tac_plus -d -p 49:4949 lfkeitel/tacacs_plus:latest

The default configuration has a user with the username:password of admin:admin and the enable password is set to enable. Obviously, don't use this configuration in production.

The configuration is located at /etc/tac_plus/tac_plus.cfg. If you wish to use a custom configuration, simply overwrite it in a derived image or use a volume mount.

By default logs go to stdout.

Port 49 is exposed as the server port.


Configuration documentation can be found here.


The LICENSE file in this repository is for the build scripts and built Docker image.

This image includes software developed by Marc Huber (

The tac_plus and supporting software is under a different license which can be found here.

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