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Windows 2016 NanoServer running IIS
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In an attempt to reduce the size of the current IIS container available, I built this image using microsoft/nanoserver as the base image.

At the time of writing, I had ran into some trouble running the nanoserver container with dockerd v.12.2 . Installing v.1.13.0-dev, appeared to have resolved the issue. The error encountered was: "failed to register layer: re-exec error: exit status 1: output: hard links not supported with legacy writer"

To run the container:

docker run -d -it --network=nat -p 80:80 lgarcia4593/nanoserver-iis:v1

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5 months ago

Hi rvydhya,

Thanks for checking it out! In order to get iis installed on nanoserver I followed a similar process as outlined in the MS Docs:

I had to download the package first, which can be done by using invoke-webrequest cmdlet from nanoserver base image.

7 months ago

Hi ,this one looks cool.How did you install IIS on nanoserver?I tried it with microsoft/nanoserver using the following powershell script but nothing happens after executing it.Powershell script is,
enable-windowsoptionalfeature –online –featurename iis-webserverrole