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Railroadtracks is a Python package to handle connected computation steps for DNA and RNA Seq.



The documentation should be consulted for information about the requirements and the installation process.

While we are working on a link to a build of the documentation, the Sphinx source for it
are be consulted: doc/installation.rst.

Released versiond are available on Pypi. Installing the latest release is as easy as:

pip install railroadtracks

The use the development version, the master branch can be installed with

pip install

A Docker container is also availale (lgautier/railroadtracks).

# pull the Docker images from
docker pull lgautier/railroadtracks 
# Run an ipython notebook server from the container
docker run -it -p 8888:8888 -w /usr/local/packages/railroadtracks/doc/notebooks lgautier/railroadtracks ipython notebook --ip= --no-browser

A browser running on the same machine as the container can then be pointed to:

If on a non-Linux system using boot2docker, you may have to point your browser to the IP mapped to the VM docker is running in. The IP can be obtained with:

boot2docker ip


Automated building of the documentation is being worked on.

In the meantime there is a tutorial as an ipython notebook

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