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centos6 for DASH video support.
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A base environment for FFmpeg & gpac(MP4Box).


You can use docker cp to transfer files.

Theoretically,you can build FFmpeg & gpac from the git source,
But,I just wanna transform an mp4 file to DASH compatible.

So there are ffmpeg-static files,extract them and ln -sthem to
/usr/local/bin or else.

For gpac,I just use MP4Box,so I built it like this:

>yum install glibc-static  
>make distclean  
>make clean  
./configure --static-mp4box --use-zlib=no  
make -j4  
sudo make install  

> means MAY NOT necessary.

then you can use the MP4Box command.

Finall,enjoy your FFmpeg and MP4Box like this:

ffmpeg -i frag_bunny.mp4 -x264opts keyint=48:min-keyint=48:no-scenecut new.mp4
MP4Box -dash 1000 new.mp4


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