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Dockerizing bleve library to build an index of the bleve wiki. See wikisearch online example and his bleve-wiki-indexer source code. See also the amazing


$ docker run -i -p 8099:8099 -t lgsd/docker-bleve-wiki-indexer bash

This way, you are pulling a Trusted Docker Image from public Docker Hub. Now run bleve-wiki-indexer from source directory to ensure the static content is found by default (read more here)

root@52fe5e02d8f9:/# cd $GOPATH/src/
root@52fe5e02d8f9:/gopath/src/ bleve-wiki-indexer -dir /data/
2014/09/07 12:27:17 Creating new index...
2014/09/07 12:27:18 watching '/data/' for changes...
2014/09/07 12:27:18 updated: /data/ Result Match
2014/09/07 12:27:18 checking commit 1a1083b7093e79890dc480d2b9dad0112a43ffbd
2014/09/07 12:27:18 checking commit d781519f66ca8894b1a303bd3db3196f95ae04e4
2014/09/07 12:27:23 gravatar hash is: 16cdfb0c4af5297e261cb36e30fa5c20
2014/09/07 12:27:23 Listening on :8099

open your browser at http://localhost:8099/, or do curl to check it works:

$ curl localhost:8099
<a href="/static/index.html">Found</a>.

You can also build by forking/downloading the repo then run docker interactive like before:

$ git clone && cd docker-bleve-wiki-indexer
$ docker build -t lgsd/docker-bleve-wiki-indexer --rm=true .
$ docker run -i -p 8099:8099 -t lgsd/docker-bleve-wiki-indexer bash

Now proceed as before.

First time you build without having any previous intermediate image locally (like google/golang for example), it could take more then 5 minutes to pull & build everithing, so take it easy and relax. In my case, having google/golang already present, I spent 3m14.457s.


Copyright (c) 2014 Luca G. Soave

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