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FreeIPA for FreeNAS
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Docker container for the FreeIPA server with FreeNAS metadata

This container will work on FreeNAS and non-FreeNAS docker implementations

This container follows the latest FreeIPA current stable/general availability release.

This container is built from the official freeipa/freeipa-server Docker Hub repository, and defaults to the latest tag (fedora-25).


The container only has a single environment variable to pass to the container

  • TZ - Configures the timezone, e.g. "America/Chicago"

This container exposes one volume:

  • /data - FreeIPA data

This container exposes the following ports (see:

  • HTTP/HTTPS 80, 443 TCP
  • LDAP/LDAPS 389, 636 TCP
  • Kerberos 88, 464 TCP/UDP
  • DNS 53 TCP/UDP
  • NTP 123 UDP
  • 7389 9443 9444 9445 TCP

You must set the Advanced -> Hostname to a valid FQDN or FreeIPA will refuse to start.


By default, the ipa-server-install command is interactive. However, you can put a ipa-server-install-options file with command line parameters to append to the ipa-server-install command into the directory mounted as /data.

ipa-server-install-options example:


For more details see:

If you're having trouble tail <FreeIPA Dataset>/data/var/log/ipaserver-install.log for more information.


It is highly recommended to backup your data prior to installing updates.

Additional information:

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