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Phalcon container with PHP7
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PHP Phalcon

This image is built on Alpine and contains PHP and the Phalcon framework.

Build arguments

  • USER: The non-root user to be used in the container
  • PHPV: The PHP version number for selecting the Alpine packages
  • Any build arguments from the Alpine base image liammartens/alpine


  • /etc/php[PHP_VERSION]: For PHP configuration files (default files are copied in if volume is not used)
  • /var/www: For web content


Default PHP-FPM configuration files are setup to send the logs to /proc/self/fd/2, which is stdout for docker.


You can control the PHP configuration using environment variables. Aside from that the php-fpm bind IP is automatically set to the container IP.
If you want to override certain PHP configuration variables you can pass them in the following environment variable format PHP_ZLIB__OUTPUT_COMPRESSION which will change the zlib.output_compression setting in the php.ini file. You can also override the port using the PHP_PORT environment variable. Other environment variables not prefixed with PHP_ will be added to the env.conf file to pass them to the PHP server for access in your PHP scripts.

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