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Docker Node Pm2 onbuild image

This image installs Pm2 and
zlib. It is meant to be used as a base image for Node projects.

The image has the following ONBUILD and CMD and ENV instructions. This
means that it adds all files in the current directory, including the
node_modules, it uses the environment variables NODE_ENV and PORT and
exposes port 80.

ONBUILD COPY . /srv/app  # Copy current directory to /srv/app
ENV NODE_ENV production
ENV SCRIPT server.js
CMD pm2 start $SCRIPT -x -i 1 && pm2 logs # Start the script, server.js

A typical project that uses this image will have a structure similar to
the this.

$ tree .
├── server.js
├── Dockerfile
├── lib
├── node_modules
└── package.json

The inheriting Dockerfile will only contain a FROM and a MAINTAINER
field, unless it needs to tweak any environment variables.

# node-demo
FROM node-pm2:latest
MAINTAINER Anders Janmyr ""

To build a new container with the above Dockerfile and name it
node-demo, run:

$ npm install --production
$ docker build -t node-demo .
# or
$ make build

To start the newly built container;

# Start with default zookeeper
$ docker run -t node-demo
# or
$ make run

# Start with overriden environment variable
$ docker run -e "NODE_ENV=lut" -t node-demo
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