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The light container for running Tiny Tiny RSS.
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Tiny Tiny RSS Docker image

This is an Docker image of the webapp Tiny Tiny RSS.

The version of tt-rss is pinned into the Dockerfile to try to have a stable release.

The Docker image includes the Feedly theme.

Get the image

You can pull the image from the Docker Hub:

$ docker pull lightcode/ttrss

You can also build the image by cloning this repository and make a docker build.


You can configure some values with environment variables:

  • TTRSS_DB_TYPE : type of the SQL database used (default to mysql)
  • TTRSS_DB_HOST : database hostname or IP (by default initialize with MySQL link)
  • TTRSS_DB_NAME : database name
  • TTRSS_DB_USER : database username for ttrss
  • TTRSS_DB_PASS : database password
  • TTRSS_DB_PORT : database port (default to 3306)
  • TTRSS_SELF_URL_PATH : the full URL of your tt-rss installation
  • TTRSS_FEED_CRYPT_KEY : key used for encryption of passwords for password-protected feeds in the database. A string of 24 random characters. If left blank, encryption is not used (requires mcrypt functions)

Runnig webapp

You can use docker-compose and use the docker-compose.yml file provided for running tt-rss.

Default credential

By default, tt-rss creates a default admin account with these parameters:

  • user: admin
  • password: password
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