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Short Description
A fake sqs (aws simple queue service). with the ability to set up a queue from docker run params.
Full Description


Containerized ElasticMQ
Used for dev environments that integrate with AWS SQS

Basic usage

docker run -p "9324:9324" lightspeedretail/fake-sqs

By default, it creates a queue named "default" and with that command you will be able to access it at

You can edit following environment variale to configure your queue :

  • BRIDGE_HOST : Defaults to your container ip
  • QUEUE_NAME : The name of the queue, defaults to "default"
  • QUEUE_DEFAULT_VISIBILITY_TIMEOUT : (In seconds) Defaults to 10
  • QUEUE_DELAY : (In seconds) Defaults to 5 seconds

So to change the name of the queue to "myCustomName"

docker run -p "9324:9324" -e QUEUE_NAME=myCustomName lightspeedretail/fake-sqs

Advance Usage

If you want to have more than on queues or want to change other setting,
you can alternately provide it with the full config for elasticmq, like this :

docker run -p "9324:9324" lightspeedretail/fake-sqs $(< /path/to/my/config)


  • Looks at the output of the logs of the container when it starts to see config it runs by default.
  • You can use either localhost or the name your container for the host. (In the logs you will se the ip of the container that you cant know in advance)


This is a fork from behance/elasticmq-docker

What we changed.

  • Use Alpine as a base ditro to reduce the size
  • Used version 0.10.0 of elasticmq
  • Fixed it so you can kill it with ctrl+c
  • Added a default queue.
  • Added the ability to pass a config file
  • added the ability to configure the default queue
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