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Multi purpose node.js based Discord bot for discord server management.

Following bot provides:

  • Music playback controls (play, pause, resume, volume controls, skip, loop etc),
  • Ability to add Music Bot to any desired audio channel (the one active user resides in) - defaults to channel named Music if these two conditions are not met coommand tries to read channel name to join as a param.
  • Google API search for images/videos
  • Music storage via playlists and aliasing
  • Music search on Youtube - either a single video or whole youtube playlist parsing
  • Concurrent playback across multiple discord servers
  • Custom server settings (server language, music looping, auto role names etc)
  • Text to speech parser - useful when you want to limit tts to one user (bot)
  • Giphy search integration
  • Random Chuck Norris jokes - can also be used with tts via -l flag
  • Data persistence
  • Localisation (text translation and language setting for each server)
  • Dockerized development environment
  • Role Permissions and User level controls. At the moment 5 user levels are supported each level can use a certain number of bot commands by default. This behaviour can be changed by changing command permission level.
  • Banned Userlist retrieval in formatted manner
  • Ability to restrict Bot actions to specific channel
  • Playlist removal and ability to clear active queue
  • Ability to level up a specific user (increments by one level each)
  • Active / Playlist queue viewing - formats queue data in user friendly manner

Functionalities in consideration:

  • Playlist alias changes
  • User level reward system (increment user level by his/her activity in specific server)
  • Gaming Integrations (Riot Games API/ Osu! API / Blizzard API)
  • Steam API integration
  • Discord Game(s)
  • Request / Reponse Logger (for better debugging)
  • Custom Image saving/retrieving/removing and aliasing (i.e. --image -s="<imageLink>" -a="<myCustomAlias>" --image <myCustomAlias> --image -r="<myCustomAlias>")
  • Game play time statistics for a day/week
  • AFK status setting
  • Bot uptime command
  • CleverBot integration

Setup for Ubuntu

  1. Install docker
  2. cd to project dir
  3. ./run -i to initialize docker containers for the first time usage
  4. ./run to rerun node container and refresh application contents upon changes


* use --register to setup your server
* use --help to view available commands


MIT © Mindaugas K.

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