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The git://ci gitolite container
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Dockerize Gitolite

Run sshd and gitolite in a container.

This is a custom image that requires some special gitolite triggers to be
available and that share states through a Redis database.


One volume must me bound to /home/git/gitolite-dir: that dir will hold everything
that gitolite puts in its own .gitolite directory. This is done to persist changes
in that directory.

Another volume should be bind to /home/git/repositories in order to persist the
repositories created.


First, start a Redis container:

docker run -d -t --name redis-server redis

And link that to the gitolite container.

On the first run, the gitolite container needs an ssh key passed in order to
setup the gitolite-admin key:

docker run -d -t -p 22:22 --link redis-server:redis -e SSH_KEY="$(cat ~/.ssh/" -v /PATH/TO/VOLUME/:/home/git/gitolite-dir/ milocasagrande/dockerize-gitolite

On subsequent run it is not necessary to pass the ssh key, it will use the
gitolite-admin repository created before:

docker run -d -t -p 22:22 --link -v /PATH/TO/VOLUME/:/home/git/gitolite-dir/ redis-server:redis milocasagrande/dockerize-gitolite

By default, the Redis host name is set to redis in the gitolite triggers.

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