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Extends repo-refresher for nodejs Installs + starts app after git pull Restarts app on fresh commit
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simple node app with refresh from git branch


  • 5 June 2017 - this is under testing. Use at your own risk but feedback, PR, Issues Welcome


This is a minimal extension of the repo-refresher for node application. It uses the same cron hook to schedule a periodic refresh of the node app by comparing current with running commit version. It has some logic to rollback the commit if npm can't restart app, but this has not been tested yet.

What it does

  • (inherited) Polls git for newer versions of repository or repository/branch
  • Installs and Starts your node app once it finds a valid package.json in the appropriate directory
  • Checks for an updated commit and restarts your app from the new commit. (repo-refresher takes care of checking out new commit)
  • Rollsback commit and restarts your app if the latest commit fails to start

What it doesn't do

  • Tests this will prob come
  • Application Logic it's expected that this can serve as a basis for your own docker which takes care of any other build or run commands you need.



You can use the docker as a standalone for simple node apps that only need npm start.

As a base for other dockers

You can build a docker on top of this one and add in any commands needed. Although the built in logic will attempt to do a git clone, if you have already moved your repository in this step will fail and it will just move on to the next step, no harm - no foul.
It should then still pick up the git-refresh automation and keep your repo in sync.

If you provide your own startups instead of using the crond mechanism, you may need to include the start up for this in your own CMD or ENTRYPOINT

crond -l2 -f

Environment Variables

  • See repo-refresher for inherited vars used to setup git sync and refresh rate
  • REPO - set for repo-refresher too, used here to navigate to the application directory before npm commands
  • NODE_DIR - in an app with multiple layers, this provides the directory containing package.json
  • RUNNING_COMMIT - this is set but the node-runner process and tells you what commit your app is running on
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