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Short Description
simple base image that pulls a git repository into a docker and keeps it in sync (eg every 10m).
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Simple utility to setup a git repository in a docker and update it periodically


  • 3 Jun 17 - This is under development! Currently only tested with user+token


I wanted a docker image that only did one thing - setup up a git repository in your docker and take care of refreshing it on a schedule.
That way it could be more easily pulled into other builds as needed and resused for multiple repositories
This uses alpine:latest as this is a popular base for other lightweight builds.

What it does

  1. Schedules git-setup to run everyminute until $REPO is set and it runs successfully
  2. Schedules git-refresh to run periodically (default 10m)

in standalone mode

  1. Starts crond in the foreground to keep the docker running.

as inherited build


What it doesn't do

  • Start your app
  • Expose ports

Quick Start

docker build -t repo-refresher:latest .
docker run -d -e REPO=test -e --name=my-test:0.1


You set the configuration with environment variables. This allows the utility to be run outside docker as well if desired.

ENV Options

####Refresh Setting

  • REFRESH - _in cron syntax eg * * * * * or the current default */10 * * * * See [Cron Tutorial[( if you need help
    ####Git Settings
    Note These settings can also be set by mounting a directory git with corresponding files. See the git credentials section
  • GIT_BASE - _the host and username/orgname where the repository resides. eg
  • GIT_USER - the username for authentication, if needed.
  • GIT_KEY - _the auth token for GIT_USER, if needed._

####Repository Settings

  • REPO required - the name of the repository to pull. Is also used as the name of the file repository is pulled into
  • BRANCH default=master allows you to sync to a specific branch. useful for version branches or comparison testing
  • STAGE defaults to branch _allows you to specify the stage (eg dev,qa,prod) if working in staged environments
  • GIT_FULL _allows you to fully specify the target repo

git credentials

Credentials can either be supplied as ENVs or via files in the mounted VOLUME git Environment Variables will take precedence. When using the file, the value is expected to be the only contents and on the first line without any quotes


  • User: Either $GIT_USER or git/git_user
  • Key: Either $GIT_KEY or git/git_key
  • Base: Either $GIT_BASE or git/git_base

This break-down of parameters is intended to facilitate a higher degree of reuse by allowing the same git directory to be mounted onto multiple docker. In cases where that is not needed, $GIT_FULL can be used to completely bypass.

Example of file contents



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