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Snapshot Controller snapshots GCE Persistent Disks that back your Kubernetes Persistent Volumes.
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snapshot-controller snapshots the GCE Persistent Disks that are backing your
Kubernetes Persistent Volumes.


Kubernetes has the concept of Persistent Volumes which is an abstraction over
some form of persistent storage in the environment that Kubernetes runs in. Two
of the most popular implementations of Persistent Volumes are GCE Persistent
Disks and AWS EBS volumes. Both of them have the ability to be snapshotted while
they are attached to a node.

snapshot-controller runs in your cluster that finds any Persistent
Volumesbacked by GCE Persistent Disks and regularly takes a snapshot of them.


$ go get -u
$ kubectl proxy &
$ snapshot-controller --project=some-project --zone=europe-west1-d --interval=1h
INFO[0000] Found the following Kubernetes Persistent Volumes:
INFO[0000]   gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8400d7
INFO[0001] Found the following Google Cloud Engine Persistent Disks:
INFO[0001]   gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8400d7
INFO[0002] Found the following Google Cloud Engine Snapshots:
INFO[0002]   gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8-1b4m (for: gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8400d7)
INFO[0002]   gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8-1wus (for: gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8400d7)
INFO[0002] Going to create the following snapshots:
INFO[0002]   gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8400d7 -> gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8-onjf
INFO[0042] Going to delete the following expired snapshots:
INFO[0042]   gke-somename-29c0222a--pvc-01d45471-c249-11e6-a767-42010a8-9okp
INFO[0050] Sleeping for 1h0m0s...

If you're running inside the same Kubernetes cluster as the PVs you want to
snapshot, you can use the --in-cluster flag instead of using kubectl proxy.

See snapshot-controller.yml for an example Deployment


This is a very early state and there are many things that need improvement:

  • Limited to a GKE cluster (a custom deployed cluster on GCE should also work)
  • Limited to a single zone (disks in other zones won't be found)
  • Runs, takes snapshots, sleeps. It will do this on every restart of the
  • Takes a snapshots at any time, regardless how your disk is used at that time.

Related Work

k8s-snapshots by
miracle2k is a similar project implemented in
Python and started about the same time as this project. It looks for annotations
on Persistent Volumes and snapshots them. It supports a quite sophisticated
backup retention policy and also removes old snapshots. Limited to GCE
Persistent Disks as is this tool.
by Cindy Wang is a design doc for standardizing
volume backups and restores for a Kubernetes cluster. It's based on the same
idea of using the cloud provider's disk snapshot abilities and goes into much
more detail on how this can be done in a safe way and integrated into the
Kubernetes API. It also describes how restores from those snapshots can work.
Something that this tool doesn't even consider.

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