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Short Description
Provides concourse resource for triggering and fetching on any git branch change
Full Description

Git Resource

Tracks the commits in a git repository.

Source Configuration

  • uri: Required. The location of the repository.

  • branch: Required. The branch to track.

  • private_key: Optional. Private key to use when pulling/pushing.

      private_key: |
        -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
        <Lots more text>
        -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
  • paths: Optional. If specified (as a list of glob patterns), only changes
    to the specified files will yield new versions.

  • ignore_paths: Optional. The inverse of paths; changes to the specified
    files are ignored.

  • skip_ssl_verification: Optional. Skips git ssl verification by exporting

  • branches: Optional. Turns on multi-branch mode; takes a regular
    expression as argument -- branches matching the regular expression on origin
    will all be checked for changes. Uses grep-style regular expression syntax

  • ignore_branches: Optional. Used in conjunction with and applied after
    the branches pattern. See example for common use case.

  • redis: Optional. Contains the information required to use a specified
    Redis server to store multibranch historic references so that they don't
    clutter up the ref lines. It consists of the following subkeys:

    • host: Required. The name or ip of the Redis host.

    • password: Optional. The password to connect to the Redis server, if

    • prefix: Optional. If you have multiple multi-branch pipelines, you
      will want to prefix your keys to separate the histories of each pipeline.

    • db_number: Optional. The Redis database number, defaults to 0


Resource configuration for a private repo:

- name: git-multibranch
  type: docker-image
    repository: cfcommunity/git-multibranch-resource

- name: source-code
  type: git-multibranch
    branch: master
    private_key: |
      -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
      <Lots more text>
      -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----

Fetching a repo with only 100 commits of history:

- get: source-code
  params: {depth: 100}

Pushing local commits to the repo:

- get: some-other-repo
- put: source-code
  params: {repository: some-other-repo}

Detecting changes on all branches except master and deploy

- name: my-repo
  type: git-multibranch
    branches: '.*'
    ignore_branches: '(master|deploy)'


check: Check for new commits.

The repository is cloned (or pulled if already present), and any commits
made after the given version are returned. If no version is given, the ref
for HEAD is returned.

Any commits that contain the string [ci skip] will be ignored. This
allows you to commit to your repository without triggering a new version.

in: Clone the repository, at the given ref.

Clones the repository to the destination, and locks it down to a given ref.
Returns the resulting ref as the version.

Submodules are initialized and updated recursively.


  • depth: Optional. If a positive integer is given, shallow clone the
    repository using the --depth option.

  • submodules: Optional. If none, submodules will not be
    fetched. If specified as a list of paths, only the given paths will be
    fetched. If not specified, or if all is explicitly specified, all
    submodules are fetched.

out: Push to a repository.

Push the checked-out reference to the source's URI and branch. All tags are
also pushed to the source. If a fast-forward for the branch is not possible
and the rebase parameter is not provided, the push will fail.


  • repository: Required. The path of the repository to push to the source.

  • rebase: Optional. If pushing fails with non-fast-forward, continuously
    attempt rebasing and pushing.

  • tag: Optional If this is set then HEAD will be tagged. The value should be
    a path to a file containing the name of the tag.

  • only_tag: Optional When set to 'true' push only the tags of a repo.

  • tag_prefix: Optional. If specified, the tag read from the file will be
    prepended with this string. This is useful for adding v in front of
    version numbers.

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