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Docker Compose in Docker for Concourse builds
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dcind (Docker-Compose-in-Docker)

Use this Dockerfile to build a base image for your integration tests in Concourse CI. Alternatively, you can use a ready-to-use image from Docker Hub: amidos/dcind.

Here is an example of Concourse job that uses amidos/dcind image to run a bunch of containers in a task, and then runs the integration test suite. You can find the full example in the example directory.

  - name: integration
      - aggregate:
        - get: code
          params: {depth: 1}
          passed: [unit-tests]
          trigger: true
        - get: redis
          params: {save: true}
        - get: busybox
          params: {save: true}
      - task: Run integration tests
        privileged: true
          platform: linux
            type: docker-image
              repository: amidos/dcind
            - name: code
            - name: redis
            - name: busybox
            path: sh
              - -exc
              - |
                source /

                # Strictly speaking, preloading of images is not required.
                # However you might want to do it for a couple of reasons:
                # - If the image is from a private repository, it is much easier to let concourse pull it,
                #   and then pass it through to the task.
                # - When the image is passed to the task, Concourse can often get the image from its cache.
                docker load -i redis/image
                docker tag "$(cat redis/image-id)" "$(cat redis/repository):$(cat redis/tag)"

                docker load -i busybox/image
                docker tag "$(cat busybox/image-id)" "$(cat busybox/repository):$(cat busybox/tag)"

                # This is just to visually check in the log that images have been loaded successfully
                docker images

                # Run the tests container and its dependencies.
                docker-compose -f code/example/integration.yml run tests

                # Cleanup.
                # Not sure that this is required.
                # It's quite possible that Concourse is smart enough to clean up the Docker mess itself.
                docker-compose -f code/example/integration.yml down
                docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -q)

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