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Stable build LEMP stack environment for fast application deployments
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LEMP Stack

The stable automated build docker LEMP image linuxconfig/lemp can be used as a testing environment for dynamic PHP applications. It comprises of Debian GNU/Linux, lightweight and yet powerful Nginx webserver, MariaDB relational database management system and PHP scripting language.

Current LEMP stack versions:

  • Debian Linux 9
  • Nginx 1.10.3
  • MariaDB 10.1.23-MariaDB-8
  • PHP 7.0.19-1

Maintainer and usage information:

  • Maintainer: Lubos Rendek
  • Email: web (at) linuxconfig ( dot ) org
  • Usage:
  • Last Build & Test: 06/06/2017
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2 months ago

Finally I figure out that it is because the bind-address line in /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf, solved by sed -i 's/bind-address/#bind-address/' /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf

2 months ago

I get the following error message when I tried to connect to docker mysql from my host mac. Is there any solution to this problem?

$ mysql -uadmin -ppass -h -P6603
mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
ERROR 2013 (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 0

9 months ago

Nice!! exactly what I need, thanks!

10 months ago

Works like a charm! Any plans to move to Mariadb?

10 months ago

Hi fbraz3,

The intention with linuxconfig/lemp is to stay in sync with a stable Debian repository thus keeping the environment stable also for production deployments. At the moment Debian does not have PHP 7 as part of a standard repository.

However, I have compiled a new linuxconfig/lemp-php7 to include complete bleeding edge PHP 7 version on top of Debian 8. For more info navigate to

Hope it helps

10 months ago

Hi! first of all, thanks for this awesome image! =D
Do you have plans to update php version to latest?

a year ago

When I click on . I get an access error: "You do not have access to this repository."

a year ago

I would like to build this container myself from the Dockerfile, but the Dockerfile has dependencies on supervisor-lemp.conf and some other files. Perhaps these are available at but I get an access error there: "You do not have access to this repository." How can I get to those files? Thanks!

2 years ago


2 years ago

Hi, thanks for the good work.
Just for your information. I think there is a mistake, this container is not using MariaDB, it's using MySQL.