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DBAssist Development Environment
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This container contains the tools needed to develop the DBAssist product. See the list of tools:

  • Eclipse IDE Luna 4.4.2 (powered by Spring, STS 3.7),
  • The H2 database,
  • The Elasticsearch engine,
  • Java 1.8, Maven 3.3.3 and Git
  • Chrome and Firefox

The eclipse has some usefull plugins:

  • The Google Plugin for Eclipse 4.4 (GPE) 3.8.0.v201410302155-rel-r44
  • The Eclipse Color Theme
  • The GWTP Eclipse Plugin
  • The ANTLR 4 SDK 0.35 (To write antlr grammars)
  • The GWT debuger plugin (com.github.sdbg.feature.feature.grou 1.0) -
  • The ShellEd 2.0.3 (writes linux shell scripts)
  • The Java Decompiler Plugin 1.0.0 (JD-Eclipse Plug-in)
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