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Pony (Intel to ARM) Cross Compiler
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Pony (Intel to ARM) Cross Compiler


This Dockerfile creates a sandboxed, runnable Pony Compiler <>_ environment based on the latest commit to master
on GitHub. We are cross compiling to the armhf (Raspberry Pi) platform.


This is tested with the following software:

  • llvm-3.6
  • docker 1.9.0 (running on OSX 10.11.2)

Since its main dependency is docker, it should run on any platform with
docker installed (e.g. OS X). It may or may not work with earlier
versions of docker. To install docker on your system, see the official
docker installation instructions <>_.


To build the docker image::

  make build

To test your new image::

  make test
  make version

To push your new image::

  make push

You can see your new image with this command::

  docker images

Grab the ponyc script from github like this::

  git clone


To run ponyc from within the container, simply run the ponyc script::

rpxp/ponyc --help


If you discover any limitations or bugs, please submit a GitHub issue.


This project was inspired by

Docker Pull Command