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Development essentials - neovim, git, and nodejs
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A development environment for node apps.


Ubuntu: 15.10


Node: 4.3.0
NPM: 3.7.1
NeoVim: 0.1.3-dev
Byobu: 5.97 (tmux 2.0)

When running a node server, you can expose it's port with the following -p 9000:3001

You can also mount you current directory within the development environment with the following -v $(pwd):/root/src

Byobu is also installed, so that you can open several terminal windows, e.g. one to run the server and another to edit the files in.

Putting it all together get's you the following command:

docker run -i -p 9000:3001 -v $(pwd):/root/src -t littleball/dev byobu
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