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Provide a minimal, reliable version of Sensu server.

Similar Work
rounds/sensu (
  - This appears to be moving in a differnet direction then I'm comfortable with.
    Hopefully, I can talk to that author over time and reconcile the two projects,
    but at the minute I don't have the patience!


This is a fork of rounds/sensu. In their design, they use "dockerize",
an application that modifies configuration templates wih environment variables.
This is a manditory part of the contianer initialization process, and can't be
avoided or nicely worked around.

Further, this repo is going to be managed by Travis. I won't be paying too much
attention to it, unless something explodes. If it does, lodge an issue!


============= ============ ==============
License       Code Style   Code Locale
------------- ------------ --------------
Apache-2      Zend         en-AU [lang]_
============= ============ ==============


Dockerfile: littleman/sensu-server:{sensu-version}-{iteration}

Iteration is bumped every time a package is upgraded, such as ruby, a check,


  • This is designed to be deployed on k8s. I won't look too far beyond that.


  • Use the k8s config mapper to store configuration. This should have all of the
    handlers you require, but no checks.


  • The authors of rounds/sensu
  • The sensu authors themslves


Contributions are always welcome! I mirror my work on GitHub, however, if you'd
like to open an issue i'd love the feedback!


.. [lang],. (2015). Language Code Table. Retrieved 4 June 2015, from

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