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jdk7 and maven env for gitlab ci runner
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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Oracle Java 1.7.0_79 64 bit

Maven 3.2.2

git 1.9.1

Nano 2.2.6-1ubuntu1

extend the most recent long term support Ubuntu version

FROM ubuntu:14.04

this is a non-interactive automated build - avoid some warning messages

ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive

update dpkg repositories

RUN apt-get update

install wget

RUN apt-get install -y wget

get maven 3.2.2

RUN wget --no-verbose -O /tmp/apache-maven-3.2.2.tar.gz

verify checksum

RUN echo "87e5cc81bc4ab9b83986b3e77e6b3095 /tmp/apache-maven-3.2.2.tar.gz" | md5sum -c

install maven

RUN tar xzf /tmp/apache-maven-3.2.2.tar.gz -C /opt/
RUN ln -s /opt/apache-maven-3.2.2 /opt/maven
RUN ln -s /opt/maven/bin/mvn /usr/local/bin
RUN rm -f /tmp/apache-maven-3.2.2.tar.gz
ENV MAVEN_HOME /opt/maven

install git, this can be skipped

RUN apt-get install -y git

install nano

RUN apt-get install -y nano

remove download archive files

RUN apt-get clean

set shell variables for java installation

ENV java_version 1.7.0_79
ENV filename jdk-7u79-linux-x64.tar.gz
ENV downloadlink$filename

download java, accepting the license agreement

RUN wget --no-cookies --header "Cookie: oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" -O /tmp/$filename $downloadlink

unpack java

RUN mkdir /opt/java-oracle && tar -zxf /tmp/$filename -C /opt/java-oracle/
ENV JAVA_HOME /opt/java-oracle/jdk$java_version

configure symbolic links for the java and javac executables

RUN update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java $JAVA_HOME/bin/java 20000 && update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/javac javac $JAVA_HOME/bin/javac 20000

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