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Livecn Nginx phpfpm phpmyadmin
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This docker image expects 1 other linked containers to work.To get that run

   docker pull livecn/livecn-master

Starting this container,Mariadb linked as 'mariadb'

   docker run -d --name mariadb -p 3308:3306 livecn/livecn-master:latest 
   docker run -d --name nginx --link mariadb:mariadb -p 8080:80 livecn/livecn-nginx-phpfpm-phpmyadmin:latest 

Access to access nginx index page to access php info page to access phpmyadmin page

Default mariadb account : User is root Password is empty

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6 months ago

Hay, thanks for hub, but that doesn't work:
"Default mariadb account : User is root Password is empty" -