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Compilebench (Version 0.6)
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Compilebench (Version 0.6)

Compilebench tries to age a filesystem by simulating some of the disk IO common in creating, compiling, patching, stating and reading kernel trees. It indirectly measures how well filesystems can maintain directory locality as the disk fills up and directories age.

Docker Image


docker run --rm \
    -v `pwd`:/root/results
    /root/results/ /tmp
Available options
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b BUFFER_SIZE, --buffer-size=BUFFER_SIZE
                        buffer size (bytes)
  -i INITIAL_DIRS, --initial-dirs=INITIAL_DIRS
                        number of dirs initially created
  -r RUNS, --runs=RUNS  number of rand op runs
                        working directory
  -s SOURCES, --sources=SOURCES
                        data set source file directory
  -t TRACE, --trace=TRACE
                        blktrace output file
  -d DEVICE, --device=DEVICE
                        blktrace device
  -m, --makej           simulate a make -j on the initial dirs and exit
  -n, --no-sync         don't sync and drop caches between each iteration

The default execution performs real time scheduling benchmarks and uses cpu load of 1 with burn load.

See Homepage of Compilebench for more details.

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