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Image for running GA4GH compliance test suite (CTS)
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GA4GH compliance test suite (CTS)

This image is used for running compliance test suite.


docker run --rm \
    -v `pwd`/testresults:/root/compliance/testdir/testresults:rw \
    --name ga4gh_compliance \
    ljishen/ga4gh-compliance \
    --ctk.tgt.urlRoot=<your GA4GH-compatible server URL> \
    --ctk.tgt.dataset_id=<dataset ID for the test dataset>
  • Change <your GA4GH-compatible server URL> to the server URL you’re testing against, e.g.
  • Change <dataset ID for the test dataset> to the dataset ID with respect to the GA4GH-compatible server, e.g. WyIxa2dlbm9tZXMiXQ is specific to the GA4GH reference server running on the compliance dataset.
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