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PYBENCH - A Python Benchmark Suite (Version 2.0)
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PYBENCH - A Python Benchmark Suite (Version 2.0)

pybench is a collection of tests that provides a standardized way to measure the performance of Python implementations.

Docker Image


# run pybench bench
docker run --rm \
    -v `pwd`:/root/results \
    ljishen/pybench \
    bench /root/results/output

# compare benchmark results
docker run --rm \
    -v `pwd`:/root/results \
    ljishen/pybench \
    compare /root/results/output_1.pybench /root/results/output_2.pybench /root/results/

# show help text
docker run --rm \
    ljishen/pybench \
    bench output -h
Options and default settings
Options and default settings:
  -n arg           number of rounds (10)
  -f arg           save benchmark to file arg ()
  -c arg           compare benchmark with the one in file arg ()
  -s arg           show benchmark in file arg, then exit ()
  -w arg           set warp factor to arg (10)
  -t arg           run only tests with names matching arg ()
  -C arg           set the number of calibration runs to arg (20)
  -d               hide noise in comparisons (0)
  -v               verbose output (not recommended) (0)
  --with-gc        enable garbage collection (0)
  --with-syscheck  use default sys check interval (0)
  --timer arg      use given timer (time.time)
  -h               show this help text
  --help           show this help text
  --debug          enable debugging
  --copyright      show copyright
  --examples       show examples of usage

See README of PYBENCH for more details.

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