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RAMspeed, a cache and memory benchmarking tool (Version 3.5.0)
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RAMspeed, a cache and memory benchmarking tool (Version 3.5.0)

RAMspeed is a free open source command line utility to measure cache and memory performance of computer systems. This version is for multiprocessor machines running UNIX-like operating systems and supporting System V IPC extensions.

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docker run --rm \
    -v `pwd`:/root/results \
    ljishen/ramsmp:Linux_x86_64 \
    /root/results/ -p 1 -b <benchmark ID>
These are appendable arguments
-b  runs a specified benchmark (by an ID number):
     1 -- INTmark [writing]          4 -- FLOATmark [writing]
     2 -- INTmark [reading]          5 -- FLOATmark [reading]
     3 -- INTmem                     6 -- FLOATmem
     7 -- MMXmark [writing]         10 -- SSEmark [writing]
     8 -- MMXmark [reading]         11 -- SSEmark [reading]
     9 -- MMXmem                    12 -- SSEmem
    13 -- MMXmark (nt) [writing]    16 -- SSEmark (nt) [writing]
    14 -- MMXmark (nt) [reading]    17 -- SSEmark (nt) [reading]
    15 -- MMXmem (nt)               18 -- SSEmem (nt)
-g  specifies a # of Gbytes per pass (default is 8)
-m  specifies a # of Mbytes per array (default is 32)
-l  enables the BatchRun mode (for *mem benchmarks only),
    and specifies a # of runs (suggested is 5)
-p  specifies a # of processes to spawn (default is 2)
-r  displays speeds in real megabytes per second (default: decimal)
-t  changes software prefetch mode (see the manual for details)

See Homepage of RAMspeed/SMP benchmarking tool for more details.

RAMspeed/SMP (Linux) v3.5.0 by Rhett M. Hollander and Paul V. Bolotoff, 2002-09

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