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Provides an docker image AWS CloudWatchMonitoringScripts version 1.2.1
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AWS cloud watch does not provide memory usage and swap usage stats out of box. In order to obtain
these stats, a set of scripts are to be installed and run on the box. This repo provides the
docker image for containing the scripts.


Most of the Linux tools providing system resource metrics were created before cgroups even
existed (e.g.: free and top, both from procps). They usually read memory metrics from the proc
filesystem: /proc/meminfo, /proc/vmstat, /proc/PID/smaps and others.

Unfortunately /proc/meminfo, /proc/vmstat and friends are not containerized. Meaning that they are
not cgroup-aware. They will always display memory numbers from the host system (physical or
virtual machine) as a whole, which is the reason why this docker image exists.


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