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What is this ?

Docker container built with CentOS 7, NGINX (or HTTPD) and PHP 7 with compatible version and modules for Wordpress

These are the Docker Hub autobuild images located here.

How to start

The Simplest way, NginX - PHP-FPM by default

  1. Pull the latest image

    $ docker pull locnh/docker-wordpress
  2. Create container

    $ docker run --name wordpress -v /path/to/wordpress:/var/www/html -p 80:80 -d locnh/docker-wordpress

That's it !

More Options

Using Apache (httpd) instead of NginX

  • Just add the environment variable with -e WEB_SRV=apache or -e WEB_SRV=httpd
  • Example:

    $ docker run --name wordpress -e WEB_SRV=httpd -v /path/to/wordpress:/var/www/html -p 80:80 -d locnh/docker-wordpress

Set the uid (and/or gid) of apache inside container

  • To change the apache uid, use -e UID=<your uid> (you can use this).
  • To change the apache gid, use -e GID=<your gid> (use at your own risk).
  • Example:

    $ docker run --name wordpress -e UID=501 -v /path/to/wordpress:/var/www/html -p 80:80 -d locnh/docker-wordpress

Mountable Volumes

Beside Webroot /var/www/html, you can use option -v to mount more volumes to the container such as services logs:

  • NginX logs: /var/log/nginx
  • Apache logs: /var/log/httpd
  • PHP-FPM logs: /var/www/php-fpm


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