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Short Description
Collect and ship Performance Counters to your account
Full Description Performance Counters Agent
This Docker image ships various host performance counters to your account, using collectl for counters collection and rsyslog for shipping.
Data collection interval is currently set to 30 seconds.


##Environment Variables
In order to start collection you need to specify the following information. Variables in bold denote a mandatory variable:

  • LOGZ_TOKEN: Your App Token.
  • LISTENER: listener hostname:port. (optional)
  • USER_TAG: Any string provided is assigned to the user_tag field of each entry, which you can later use to group various hosts in to meaningful visualisations. One recommended use-case for this variable is to denote the host role.
  • HOSTNAME: The hostname you with to associate with performance data sent by this container. This string will be provided in the syslog5424_host field of each entry.
  • INSTANCE: The IP address that will be provided in the instance field of each entry.


docker run -d \
  --net="host" \
  -e USER_TAG="workers" \
  -e HOSTNAME=`hostname` \
  -e INSTANCE="" \
  --restart=always \
  • In the above example the hostname that will be passed to the container is generated by the hostname command, and "workers" is useful tag for later grouping in visualisations.

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