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Apache 2 httpd webserver and Apache Flume
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Dockerfile for Apache httpd 2 with a flume agent.

The port 80 of httpd is exposed.

Apache flume is configured via /flume_httpd.conf file and will tail the httpd access log and send it to an external flume agent edgenode:9000, it's purpose is to be a test container for the Hadoop Cloudera containers that I maintain, check for more info on it.

To use it
First, setup an Hadoop cluster following, be sure that all container are in the same docker network.


docker pull loicmathieu/apache-httpd-flume
docker run -d --net hadoop --net-alias flume -p 80:80 loicmathieu/apache-httpd-flume
firefox localhost

If firefow is installed and the port 80 of the container is mapped to the port 80 of the host, doing so will open the httpd homepage and write a ligne to the access log that will be read by flume and send to the edge node on it's 9000 port (the edge node will then write it to HDFS).

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