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ClamAV server with REST API from running.
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The server implementation and corresponding Dockerfile are on github:
This is a precompiled and packaged docker container running the server. You also need the ClamAV virus scanner for the REST endpoint. I've used for this.

To run use something like this.

  1. Start ClamAV server, using here
    docker run -d --name clamav-server -p 3310:3310 mkodockx/docker-clamav

  2. Test that it's running ok:
    curl localhost:3310

  3. Start the REST API image, clamd-server docker container linked to this container.
    docker run -d -e 'CLAMD_HOST=clamav-server' -p 8080:8080 --link clamav-server:clamav-server -t -i lokori/clamav-rest

  4. Test the REST api:
    curl localhost:8080
    Clamd responding: true

You can parametrize the ports and servers. In a real environment it makes no sense to fully open ports to localhost in this manner.

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