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Short Description
webtrees is the web's leading on-line collaborative genealogy application.
Full Description

WEBTREES application



Docker Images Used

Install Environment Variables

  • MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD = password, only used within the docker container
  • MYSQL_DATABASE = name of the mysql database, typical webtrees. The DB file is stored in the mounted volume
  • MYSQL_USER = name of the mysql user, typical webtrees
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD = mysql user password, only used within the docker container

Mounted Volumes

  • the mysql datafolder /var/mysql will be mounted to /yourlocalpath/webtrees/var/mysql
  • the webtrees datafolder /var/www/html/webtrees/data will be mounted to /yourlocalpath/webtrees/var/www/html/webtrees/data

Installation Instructions


$sudo ./ -f  /yourpath/without/slash/at/the/end  -p  portnumber generates a local volume on your machine and copies the initial config for webtrees to ...var/www/html/webtrees/data.

In the second step the script will generate out of docker-compose-template.yml the docker-compose.yml.

The mysql container is initialzed with a default user for the webtrees appilcation.

startup the docker containers

$ docker-compose up -d
$ docker ps 

When docker-compose ist startet the first time, the webtrees database is initialized with default values (stored in database-dump/dump.sql.

start the application

Docker Pull Command
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