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Minimal busybox base container with gdrivefs and a package manager
Full Description

Start the container and follow the prompts:

$ docker run -i -t -v /data -v /config -v /media --privileged --name google_drive loneleeandroo/gdrivefs


  • Alpine Linux Packages via $ apk-install <package name>
  • Bash, Git, Mercurial, Python Setuptools and Python Pip already installed
  • Google Drive is mounted at /media/gdrivefs
  • Interactive shell for setting up Google Drive OAuth
  • Three volumes ( /data, /config and /media) for use with --volumes-from or for mounting host directories
  • DevCron checking that /media/gdrivefs is still mounted every minute. If not mounted, the script will attempt to remount. The crontab is located at /cron/crontab and logs will be at /cron/cron.log


  • Cannot access FUSE mount in /media volume using --volumes-from


  • Replace DevCron with a filesystem event listener, such as incron or inotify, for running remount script.
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