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Deis Dashboard is a "real time" only http connections dashboard for the Open Deis PaaS

It is a personal exercise to learn go, this is my first go app ever.


  • Upgraded to Deis 1.9.1
  • Added requests by Domain
  • Added upstream request times
  • Added request times


$ git clone
$ cd deis-dashboard

# start the backend in the cluster
$ fleetctl start deis-dashback.service

# start the log collection
$ fleetctl start deis-dashcollect.service

# create and configure your app
$ deis create deis-dashboard
$ deis config:set ETCD_HOSTS=http://myhost1:4001,http://myhost2:4001,http://myhost3:4001

# deploy the app:
# there are two ways to deploy deis-dashboard, by its Dockerfile or by Docker Hub

# by Dockerfile
$ git push deis master

# *OR*
# by Docker Hub
$ deis pull lorieri/deis-dashboard

# open it
$ deis open


If the instalation successed you may see the screen bellow, if you are not able to see your apps try sending some traffic in your cluster and wait for ~10 seconds

Main Page

The Main Page shows 3 charts

  • A pie that shows the percentage of requests of the apps related to cluster total
  • A pie that shows the percentage of bytes transfered of the apps related to cluster total
  • A bar chart that shows total errors and total successed requests stacked by app

In the top right of the page there is a link for the current apps

Apps Page

The Apps Page show statistics for the last 10 seconds of traffic and 2 horizontal bars:

  • total requests
  • % of successes / % of errors

Apps page's navigation menu


  • add new keys from deis-dashback
  • fix echart toolbox legends
  • create links to the apps
  • put total requests on the main dashboard
  • put total requests/s on the main dashboard (unecessary divide by 10...)
  • add etcd suport to get router stats (waiting deis PR)
  • add ENVs for confs
  • fix etcd nil values
  • fix chart when no traffic

Know Issues:

  • I'm new in go, goweb, bootstrap, etc...
  • There is a race condition in redis, sometimes an app appears twice
  • pay attention for the "last logline", it shows delays caused by poor performance
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