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Docker build of Loris IIIF Image Server

Docker container running Loris IIIF Image Server

Warning : the actual version is a simple way to have loris works, but the server is the developpement werkzeug server with debugging enabled. Hence not suitable for developpement purpose.

Use pre-built image

Download image from docker hub.

$ docker pull lorisimageserver/loris

Build from scratch

Use local Dockerfile to build image.

$ docker build -t your_image_name .

Start the container and test

$ docker run -d -p 5004:5004 lorisimageserver/loris

Point your browser to http://<Host or Container IP>:5004/01/02/0001.jp2/full/full/0/default.jpg

Use your own image folder

Add your image directory as a volume

$ docker run -d -v <your-img-folder>:/usr/local/share/images -p 5004:5004 <docker-image>

Use samba to load images

Add the images directory as a volume and mount on a Samba or sshd container. (See svendowideit/samba)

$ docker run --name loris -v /usr/local/share/images -d -p 5004:5004 lorisimageserver/loris
$ docker run --rm -v /usr/local/bin/docker:/docker -v /var/run/docker.sock:/docker.sock svendowideit/samba loris

Create loris cluster

Create data volume container

$ docker run --name loris_data -v /usr/local/share/images -v /var/cache/loris -d ubuntu echo Data only container for loris images and cache

Create two loris server containers with shared image and cache volumes

$ docker run --name loris_server_1 --volumes-from loris_data -d lorisimageserver/loris
$ docker run --name loris_server_2 --volumes-from loris_data -d lorisimageserver/loris

Build nginx image with custom config

$ cd nginx
$ docker build -t lorisimageserver/nginx .

Run nginx proxy

$ docker run --name loris_proxy  --link loris_server_1:server1 --link loris_server_2:server2 -d -p 80:80 lorisimageserver/nginx
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