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# This Dockerfile creates a docker image running biboumi # # It is built by compiling the sources and all its dependencies # directly inside the image. # This is the prefered way to build the release image, used by the # end users, in production. FROM RUN apk add --no-cache\ g++\ cmake\ make\ udns-dev\ sqlite-dev\ postgresql-dev\ libuuid\ util-linux-dev\ expat-dev\ libidn-dev\ git\ python2 # Install botan RUN git clone && cd botan && ./ --prefix=/usr && make -j8 && make install && rm -rf /botan # Install biboumi RUN git clone git:// && mkdir ./biboumi/build && cd ./biboumi/build &&\ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr\ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release\ -DWITH_BOTAN=1\ -DWITH_SQLITE3=1\ -DWITH_LIBIDN=1\ -DWITH_POSTGRESQL=1\ && make -j8 && make install && rm -rf /biboumi RUN adduser biboumi -D -h /home/biboumi RUN mkdir /var/lib/biboumi RUN chown -R biboumi:biboumi /var/lib/biboumi COPY ./biboumi.cfg /etc/biboumi/biboumi.cfg RUN chown -R biboumi:biboumi /etc/biboumi WORKDIR /home/biboumi USER biboumi CMD ["/usr/bin/biboumi", "/etc/biboumi/biboumi.cfg"]
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