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Sinopia (Docker Image)

Sinopia is a private npm repository server
current version 1.4.0

based on keyvanfatehi/docker-sinopia.git

Installing Image

docker pull so0k/sinopia:latest


docker run -d --name sinopia -h sinopia -p 4873:4873 so0k/sinopia:latest
docker logs sinopia

#to stop & remove
docker stop sinopia && docker rm sinopia

Setting Registry

npm set registry http://<docker_host>:4873/

Advanced Configuration

mkdir -p ~/sinopia/{storage,config}
# get default config file. It allows all users to do anything (modify for production)
curl -L -o ~/sinopia/config/config.yaml
# edit config.yaml add listen: 
vim ~/sinopia/config/config.yaml
#generate user passwords
htpasswd -c ~/sinopia/config/htpasswd admin
sudo chown -R 1000:1000 ~/sinopia/

#with docker compose:
(cd ~/sinopia/;docker-compose up -d)

#or manually:
cd ~
docker run --name npm -d -p 4873:4873 -h npm -v `pwd`/sinopia/config/:/opt/sinopia/config/ -v `pwd`/sinopia/storage/:/opt/sinopia/storage/ so0k/sinopia:latest

Determining Username and Password

docker logs sinopia

Modify configuration

vim /var/sinopia/config.yaml


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