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The main purpose of this container is to be used for testing
and verification of the unstable master builds.

How to use for testing


First you will need to download the latest development container:

# docker pull heketi/heketi:dev

NOTE: Must likely you will always need to do a new pull before staring your tests since the container changes so often.

Server Setup

You will need to create a directory which has a directory containing configuraiton and any private key if necessary, and an empty directory used for storing the database. Directory and files must be read/write by user with id 1000 and if an ssh private key is used, it must also have a mod of 0600.

Here is an example:

$ mkdir -p heketi/config
$ mkdir -p heketi/db
$ cp heketi.json heketi/config
$ cp myprivate_key heketi/config
$ chmod 600 heketi/config/myprivate_key
$ chown 1000:1000 -R heketi

To run:

# docker run -d -p 8080:8080 \
             -v $PWD/heketi/config:/etc/heketi \
             -v $PWD/heketi/db:/var/lib/heketi \

Now you can see the container running. Here is an example:

$ sudo docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                    NAMES
6e3ed5c59f87        heketidev           "/usr/bin/heketi -con"   32 minutes ago      Up 32 minutes>8080/tcp   goofy_kowalevski

Now we can check the logs

$ sudo docker logs 6e3ed5c59f87 | head 
Heketi 1.0.0-81-g0c78700
[heketi] INFO 2016/04/12 18:57:13 Loaded ssh executor
[heketi] INFO 2016/04/12 18:57:13 Loaded simple allocator
[heketi] INFO 2016/04/12 18:57:13 GlusterFS Application Loaded
[negroni] Started GET /hello
[negroni] Completed 200 OK in 79.951µs
[negroni] Started GET /clusters
[negroni] Completed 200 OK in 91.658µs
[negroni] Started POST /clusters
[negroni] Completed 201 Created in 6.046309ms

Using heketi-cli

Using our example above, to use the heketi-cli, you can type:

$ sudo docker exec 6e3ed5c59f87 \
    heketi-cli -h
$ sudo docker exec 6e3ed5c59f87 \
    heketi-cli --server http://localhost:8080/ cluster list


If you need to build it:

# docker build --rm --tag <username>/heketi:dev .
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