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Playframework services for exposing optimization functionality.
Full Description

The service by default shows the results of a sample optimization problem (output of the solve, using, installer can be found at

For using the service just call <service_address>/solve, with the a body containing the problem definition in lp file format (see

The output (JSON), is supposed to be self descriptive, showing the values calculated for the columns defined. Ex of such output:
"isError": false,
"errorMessage": null,
"objective": -4,
"variables": [{
"index": 0,
"value": 0,
"name": "C1"
}, {
"index": 1,
"value": 0,
"name": "C2"
}, {
"index": 2,
"value": 2,
"name": "C3"
}, {
"index": 3,
"value": 0,
"name": "C4"

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