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LSST survey analysis framework
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Metrics Analysis Framework (MAF) Docker Image

Whats is MAF?

MAF - the 'Metrics Analysis Framework' provides a framework to make it easy to read and visualize data from the LSST Operations Simulation (OpSim). Using MAF you can create sky maps of the OpSim outputs evaluated over a large set of RA/Dec points (such as a healpix grid of the survey depth), visualize your own analyses (or metrics), and create histograms and simple summary statistics of those metric values. Most importantly, you can easily write metrics to evaluate the OpSim pointing history for your own science.

How to start a MAF instance

These instructions are for a Mac but may work for other systems

docker run  -i  -e USER=maf -v /Users/XXX/YYY:/home/maf/YYY -P -p 8888:8888 --name maf -t lsst/maf

Note: do not name your 'YYY' directory 'lsst' as that will overwrite the directory containing the LSST software in the container

This will start an interactive bash shell in the directory /home/maf. It will also mount the directory /Users/XXX/YYY (e.g. the directory you wish to write your notebooks in) as YYY within the docker container and open up the iPython port so that you can access, through your browser, notebooks running in the docker container.

To set up the LSST software with all of the appropriate environment variables

source lsst/loadLSST.bash

setup sims_maf -t sims

How to run MAF

Change to the directory (e.g. YYY) where you keep your iPython notebooks and run

ipython notebook --ip= --no-browser [notebook].ipynb

Check the ip address for the docker container

boot2docker ip

Open your browser and point to the ip address and port

and run the notebook (changes will be saved in the directory YYY)

To persist the MAF analysis

If you exit the container you can reenter it with

docker start -i maf
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