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HydroTrend is an ANSI-standard C numerical model that creates synthetic river discharge and sediment load time series as a function of climate trends and basin morphology and has been used to study the sediment flux to a basin for basin filling models. As a drainage basin simulator, the model provides time series of daily discharge hydraulics at a river mouth, including the sediment load properties. HydroTrend was designed to provide input to lake or shelf circulation and sedimentation models (Steckler et al., 1996; Syvitski and Alcott, 1995b), and study the impact of land-sea fluxes given climatic change scenarios (Moore, 1992; Syvitski and Andrews, 1994). HydroTrend simulates the major processes that occur in a river basin, including:

  • Glacierized areas with advances and retreats depending on the climate scenario,
  • Snow accumulation in the winter and melt in the subsequent spring/summer,
  • Rainfall over the remaining portions of the basin with canopy evaporation,
  • Groundwater recharging and discharging,
  • The impact of reservoirs.

HydroTrend is made available under the GPL_v3 license. The developer(s) are not responsible for any harm that might be caused by running this program. When applying HydroTrend, please make a reference to: Kettner, A.J., and Syvitski, J.P.M., 2008. HydroTrend version 3.0: a Climate-Driven Hydrological Transport Model that Simulates Discharge and Sediment Load leaving a River System. Computers & Geosciences, 34(10), 1170-1183.

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